NOTICE: We meet in-person Sundays at 10a. Due to capacity limitations please sign up to join us. Details and sign-up found HERE


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Sundays 10a at limited capacity. See THIS PAGE for more info on our response to Covid-19.


Sundays at 10a — SERVICE SIGN-UP

2427 Lombard Ave
Everett, WA 98201

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How We Worship

Port Gardner Community Church meets on Sunday mornings, 10am at 2427 Lombard Ave in Everett, WA Click here for a Map & Directions

At the heart of Christian worship is God, Himself. Worship is never limited to a certain day, time or place, but it does involve two vital elements: revelation, through which God shows Himself to man, and response, through which awe-stricken man responds to God.

God makes Himself known through His works in creation (Psalm 19:1); through His written Word, the Bible (Psalm 19:7); supremely through Jesus Christ (John 1:18); and through the ongoing presence and work of the Holy Spirit in believers (John 16;13).

Martin Luther is claimed to have said, "To know God is to worship Him." He also insisted that worship is not an optional extra for the Christian person, but is an essential symptom or expression of knowing God.

Worship is more than a once per week worship service. Worship is the driving motivation and attitude of any person who has experienced the gracious redemption of God through the atonement paid by Jesus on the Cross at Calvary. Worship, therefore, takes on many forms and expressions. Worship can be expressed in singing, in listening to the preaching of God's Word, in fellowship, in prayer, in silence and solitude, in giving and in service, and in intentional acts of mission to the lost world around us.

Port Gardner Community Church views the Sunday morning worship service as the primary opportunity for our church to gather to worship. Our worship services retain the primary elements of corporate worship that the Bible speaks of, and which have been held as constants throughout the history of the Church.

On Sundays we sing songs that speak to timeless and unchanging truths of God: His holiness, His sovereignty and His love for us. We place a high value on the expositional preaching of Scripture, usually preaching through various books of the Bible in series format. We devote time to corporate prayer, and to the Communion Table which helps us to remember again the depravity of our sin and the grace of God through Jesus that saved and redeemed us from that wretched depravity and into a reconciled relationship with our Creator God. We also allow space to fellowship with each other and with our guests, usually with a cup of hot coffee in hand.

We provide childcare and Christian instruction to our younger children, but kids are also always welcome to be in the worship service with their parents.

We are informal in the look and feel of our worship services, but we take God very seriously. The intention of any and every worship service is to honor the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Who alone is worthy of our praise and adoration - at all times, including Sunday mornings.

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