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JOHN | Born Again, The New Birth

May 9, 2021 Speaker: Don Ringman Series: JOHN | That You May Believe

Topic: Gospel of John Passage: John 2:13–2:25

I want to first wish all the moms a happy Mother's Day. This week in John we meet Nicodemus, a religious leader who is a Pharisee and also known as a ruler of the Jews. The text is filled with imagery, suspense and word play. Everyone knows the importance of verse 16, but there also is a richness in the questions and conversation that is there as well. The story follows a pattern common to this gospel ...

  • A person asks a question
  • Jesus gives a hard-to-understand answer
  • The person misunderstands
  • Jesus answers even more cryptically
  • A discourse follows

Nicodemus seems confused by Jesus' comments here in chapter 3, but he will later defend Jesus before the council and bring large quantities of expensive ointments to anoint Jesus' body after the crucifixion. While Nicodemus didn't seem to immediately "get it," Jesus's words and ministry seem to have had a profound effect on him over time. We too experience that effect when we believe in Jesus. — Don

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