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Moralism Is Not The Gospel (But Many Christians Think It Is)

Posted Apr 8, 2014

  One of the most amazing statements by the Apostle Paul is his indictment of the Galatian Christians for abandoning the Gospel. “I am amazed that you are so quickly deserting Him who called you by the grace of Christ, for a... Keep Reading

7 Things A Good Father Says

Posted Mar 31, 2014

I think I may be leaving one phase of fatherhood behind even while I enter into another. My youngest child is just about to turn eight, which means that we are not only past the baby and toddler stages, but even nearing the end of t... Keep Reading

3 Ways To Live With Joy

Posted Jan 13, 2014

Last week I was captivated by a sunrise. I am one of those people who is “early to bed, early to rise” and have watched many sunrises. I love the dawning of a new day because every day is so full of promise and possibili... Keep Reading

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Mark 8:10-30: Removing the Veil

Apr 13, 2014

by Don Ringman

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